Audi TT-RS Spotted Lapping The Ring, But What's Going On Underneath?

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Audi must've rented the 'Ring for the day, since we first got a glimpse of the R8 V10 and now we see a unique TT. With so many variations of Audi's sprightly TT coupe running around, sometimes the differences can appear minor at first. Take these pictures gathered by the folks at Bridge To Gantry of what appears to be an Audi TT-S. But look a little closer and you'll notice the 12-spoke RS-style wheels and ovular exhausts instead of the two dual-pipes on the TT-S. If this is the Audi TT-RS, what's it sound like?

According to those on the scene, it wasn't the register of a five-cylinder engine but rather the "thrum of a cliche-smooth V6." Could this mean the rumors of Audi taking the 3.6-liter V6 from the Passat R36 and trying to squeeze it into the TT were true? We're not sure, but like Fox Mulder: we want to believe. [Bridge To Gantry]


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The TT-RS is likely to be a turbo model with >300hp in a chassis that is a tad lighter than a Golf. With AWD, and an interesting transmission, this would be a worthy competitor to an M Coupe or Cayman. Prices should be in that range, or a bit higher, if they do some wild 450hp turbo V6 number.