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One of the first beneficiaries of Audi's new, diesels-are-cool brand message — led by its R10 LeMans racer — will be the TT, says AutoWeek. The powerplant in question won't be one of the company's larger furnaces, like its 2.7- or 3.0-liter, which can't be shoehorned into the TT's engine bay. Instead, it'll be a 2.0-liter, common-rail four from Volkswagen. That motor will have to get a serious turbocharging, considering it currently tops out at 140 hp, and will likely be shared with the Scirocco, which, word is, will get a tuned diesel as well, when it debuts for the 2008 model year.

Audi hopes to cash in on success of R10 by offering diesel engine in TT [AutoWeek]

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