Audi RS6 Sedan Spied In Germany

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We've already gotten a look at the twin turbocharged, V10-powered, 580 HP Audi RS6 Avant, but now a camo-free Audi RS6 Sedan has been spied making the rounds in Germany. The new sedan über alles shares a lot of the ultra-Bruce styling present in the wagon version, but also gets revised tail lights and the upturned trunk lid from the RS4. We're wondering what the implications are of an Audi running with the Porsche Panamera when the Porsche boys manage to get their sweaty little hands on a controlling share of VW. [WorldCarFans]

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Rob Emslie

@PAPAL POLAЯ: POLAЯZ - you so crazy man.

I understand there's a lot of FAW Kinnassos in Bah-ston.