Audi R8 Jumps Into Roadside Canal, Can't Swim

Illustration for article titled Audi R8 Jumps Into Roadside Canal, Cant Swim

Apparently, the law of equivalent exchange is alive and well, for just as one Ferrari Enzo is rebuilt, an Audi R8 is destroyed... or at least it's really, really waterlogged. These pictures come from the Netherlands, where the straight, flat, canal-lined roads ultimately proved too challenging for the guy test driving this particular R8. That's right, the guy who boogered this one up was testing the car and lost control while driving at speeds up to an alleged 125 MPH. Dutch law calls this a total loss, so we're thinking this is the perfect time to dream up a more gonzo use for the 420 HP, 4.2-liter V8 at the heart of this beast. Now if only someone will get Wert to stop crying.
[ via Carscoop]


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Audi R8 X total loss = $500 X imaginary ludicrously favorable exchange rate = LeMons winner!!

minus 5,000 laps for BSF = negative final laps = loser

unanimous vote for people's curse = no more Audi R8


$500 claim rule = no more Audi R8

Maybe it's not such a great idea.