Audi R8 Consumed By Spectacular Fire During Car Show In Mumbai

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Another weekend, another supercar fire.

This one involves an Audi R8 that was apparently immolated on its way to the Parx Supercar Show in Mumbai, India on Saturday. It happened on the city's Bandra-Worli Sea Link bridge in the middle of the day, backing up traffic for hours, according to news reports.

The R8 — a car known to be slightly less fire-prone than other supercars, although it has its moments — had two occupants at the time, according to this account on Demotix. Both escaped in time and were unharmed.


Rushlane has a few more details about how this went down. They reported that the R8 was moving at a very high speed and attempted to overtake some other cars participating in the show. Humorously enough, India's Audi head Michael Perschke was also at the show in an R8 with Indian race car driver Karun Chandhok. Their R8 did not catch fire.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, according to reports. Check out more photos here.

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I can't call this Volkswagen a "Supercar" with a straight face.

Performance is on par with very nice Sports cars (Viper, Corvette) etc... But c'mon. Its not nearly exostic enough to be a super car is it?

Maybe I am being biased against VW, but the LFA / GT-R is about where I leave the minimum for styling, performance etc. for a supercar.