Audi R4 Concept: First Planted Video

Someone's been caught helicoptering an Audi R4 — the sub-TT sports car Audi's co-developing off VW's Bluesport concept — towards a ski jump in Austria for a familiar-looking stunt ahead of the Paris Motor Show.

Two videos were uploaded to YouTube and shared with the R4 rumor site Audi R4um showing the car, in brilliant white and black checkerboard spy camouflage, looking like a mini Audi R8 on its way to the top of a ski jump platform at the Olympic Ski Resort in the Alps near Innsbruck, Austria. Is this the recreation of the original Audi ski jump ad in reverse? It looks like it.


More importantly, what does this tell us about the car? This video's almost certainly a plant by Audi so there's not much there. It could be the convertible version of the electric R4 e-tron concept everyone's expecting to come to Paris or it could be the actual Audi R4, which is expected to come in both TDI and gasoline variants.

Here's hoping someone leaks video of it jumping, full speed, down a ski jump the correct way.

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