Audi, Lancia, or Ford: Which Hoonworthy Vintage Race Machine Would You Buy?

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SoNaive was shopping for a project Ford RS200- yeah, might as well aim high- and found these three 80s race cars, any one of which is capable of sending the entire Jalopnik staff into paroxysms of longing that threaten to shut down all operations for the rest of the week. So, it's Monday, you're hunkering down for a long week of The Man's cruel lash on your much-scarred back, and that means you have the right to blow the whole morning trying to make the impossible choice: which of these cars would you have for your own? Jump away for the links, the galleries, and the poll!

First we have this '83 Lancia 037 rally, priced at 450 grand. It's got a 280-horse blown 2.0-liter engine, weighs just over a ton, and was built for one purpose only: to get a World Rally Championship trophy to display in Lancia HQ. It worked, too, with the '83 WRC Constructor's title going to the Lancia.

Does 0-60 in 2.1 seconds sound good to you? For a bargain $350,000, this genuine Ford RS200 Evolution, featuring "600+" horsepower, could belong to you! After the horrific RS200 crash at the Rally of Portugal, the FIA axed Group B, removing the reason for the RS200's existence but allowing this example to stay in like-new condition.

But wait! How about a car that utterly dominated its class in the Trans Am series, with wins in 8 out of 13 races? You could own that very car... provided you've got $450,000, that is. There must be some way to make this thing street-legal, right?

OK, which one will it be? You tell us!

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Rob Emslie

The RS200 makes me fell all funny inside. How could you not love a car commissioned by Ford, built at Reliant (Robin anyone?) with an all-wheel drive system designed by FF (Jensen from last week's PCH) and a Cosworth BDT motor, all conspiring to bring on world-class performance to counter the "unique" styling.

BTW: What is the average life expectancy of a Portuguese rally fan?