Audi Joins the LED Rear-End Revolution

Following a trend that some manufacturers are beginning to embrace, Audi is the latest to offer LED technology in taillights. is the accessory manufacturer that Audi has teamed up. The Audi A4 8E and A3 8L are the two models that will include the LED option. No word as yet on exactly how much that will add to the price, but aftermarket LEDs typically run $250-300. Could be money well spent. The advantage LED has is obvious—the lights will last forever, never requiring replacement (we hate replacing taillights). The greenies will also say that the LEDs conserve energy and are quicker to illuminate. So, LED=win-win.

The Audi A3 8L and A4 8E sedan in a new light presents taillights with LED technology

Be it the A3 8L or the A4 8E, timelessly-elegant body-work design is an Audi special - both of them still look as fresh as they did on the first day. If you are interested in adding new highlights to the car, you can now choose from the attractive new taillight designs with modern LED technology which has on offer.

The car accessories specialist has three full versions just for the A4 8E sedan - the following combinations are available: red/black and clear with either red or black. Whichever one you choose, the LED's make for quite an eye-catcher.

There are even four different designs for all models of the first A3 generation: either the straight-line geometric design in the colours clear/black, red/black or red/clear, or the specially refined, curvy
design in red/black.

The practical advantages can also be seen. As opposed to light-bulbs the LED's are not just durable for the whole life of a car, but also emit their light considerably quicker. This is particularly useful
with the brake lights: the driver behind you can therefore react a lot quicker.


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