Audi Is Offering Volkswagen's Shitty Goodwill Program To A3 TDI Drivers Only

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Volkswagen Group is currently doing everything it can to find the cheapest way out of this dieselgate scandal, first offering $1000 in gift cards to owners of non-compliant TDI Volkswagen models, and now expanding that program over to owners of Audi A3 2.0 liter diesel models.


Keep in mind the “cheapest fix” for around 11 million vehicles worldwide is still a billion dollar figure, so of course they’re going to try and keep it in the low billions.

Owners of Audi A3 diesel models purchased before November 8th this year will receive $1,000 in gift cards—$500 of which is a Visa card redeemable anywhere, and another $500 of credit at any Audi or Volkswagen Group dealership.

Though there are no solid estimates for the drop in re-sale value on dieselgate-effected models, there’s still a decent chance owners will be out more than $1,000 dollars when it comes time to ditch the dirty diesel (of course eventually all these cars will have to be recalled and fixed. Eventually.)

The goodwill program is only spreading to Audi A3 owners and not owners of Audi’s other non-compliant models featuring the 3.0 liter V6, likely because Audi may already have an easy (and cheap) software fix which they have already submitted to the EPA for review.

To clarify, the vehicle has to be in your name as of November 8th and you have to be a US resident, you have to have proof of ownership, the VIN number, your driver’s license, and you have to “activate” the credit through an Audi or Volkswagen dealership with the vehicle “presented.”


A fix for all other effected diesel engines from Volkswagen Group is inevitable, but for now US owners can enjoy some holiday spending money, packing that $500 worth of gifts in the back of a car emitting anywhere from 10 to 40 times the legal NOx emissions limit.

Perhaps you could spend the other $500 in VW Group credit on a fancy new Audi A3 Sportback E-Tron which is so good nobody will buy it.


It’s important to remind owners that accepting the goodwill package from Audi or Volkswagen does not waive any future legal rights or lawsuit involvement. Take the money AND RUN. The Europeans don’t get any cash.

PICTURED ABOVE: The rescinded 2010 Audi A3 Green Car of the Year, AP IMAGES


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I think this is the wrong attitude to take here, VW is extending its no strings attached program to AUDIs in the same way it was extended to VW...why is this a bad thing? The 3.0 engines will be fixed soon, cheap and easy (software flash) and their values wont tank like the smaller engines so there is little reason to compensate them other than the feels.