Audi’s shown off its Formula E entry for the sixth season of the sport set to begin in November, and it has been given the clever name of FE06.

The chassis are all built to the same spec, which is to say that Audi’s unveiling is limited to a new livery, but it’s a decently good one and should be instantly recognizable from the television broadcast. While motorsport teams need to find other colors than black, white, and red to use for a livery, the Schaeffler splash of green to the middle is a nice touch. Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi will once again take to the cockpit of the German team’s pair of racers.

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Nonono, you’re confused. Black, white and red are Porsche’s colors. How ludicrous would it be if two or more teams used the same color scheme on a grid?

In all seriousness though, the old Audi Abt-Shaeffler livery was great. I don’t get why they changed it: