Audi Eschews Gadgets and Doohickeys for Gizmos To NOT Confuse You

In a backhanded nerd-slap at the competition, Audi told Jean Halliday at Advertising Age that they want luxe car buyers to know the tech stuff they've got in their cars is meant to enhance driving, not complicate it. It's part of a brand campaign being run by Venables Bell, that the highly-precise automaker's taglined "Truth in Technology." Unfortunately, Audi may have inadvertently hit themselves with that nerd-slap because they're 15-second spots with hidden content that you can only see by fast forwarding or rewinding through frame by frame on a DVR. You can't see it on TV and you can't even watch it using YouTube because there's no frame-by-frame. (Luckily, our own technology, shown above with what we're calling "a better pause button" should do the trick.) So let's get this straight, Audi wants to brand themselves with technology meant to enhance driving and not complicating it by creating a complicated commercial you need specific technology to see? Right, Venables Bell is going to be the agency of record for like what, 15 seconds maybe?

Audi: Our Gizmos Won't Confuse You [AdAge]

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Al Navarro

I was actually intrigued by the GE ones, but this one has me scratching my head, and not in a good way.

But perhaps I'm just going all schadenfreude on Venables Bell because I want the Audi account. Or at least a very small piece of it. The coolest, most Bruce piece.