Audi Drops Sketches Of A5 Cabrio, Sportback, A7 And Next-Gen A8

Eschewing trite teaser images, Audi has instead given us some actual eye candy, providing official design sketches of four upcoming models: the A5 Cabrio and Sportback, the all-new 2010 A7 four-door coupe and the 2011 A8 sedan. While the A5 Cabrio looks pretty much like a topless A5 coupe, the A5 Sportback is unique for not looking at all like a traditional sportback model, instead bearing resemblance to notchbacks of yore. The A7 brings TT-esque styling to the burgeoning four-door coupe market, while the revised A8, at least in sketch form, looks just about tough as hell. Take a look for yourself in the gallery below.
[Motor Authority]


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