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Audi A4 Embargo Leakage Continues Ahead Of Frankfurt Auto Show Reveal

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

The boys at Motor Authority apparently decided the leak of the first shot that went live yesterday of the newly redesigned Audi A4 constituted enough of an embargo break for them to just go live with a whole mess o' photos and a load of details. These shenanigans with the Audi A4 provide yet another example of the type of embargo policy issues we spoke of yesterday. Regardless, we're more than happy to show you what Motor Authority's showing. [via Motor Authority]

UPDATE: Apparently MotorAuthority's located in Australia and they ran these shots at the correct time — in the land of dingos and koala bears. Who knew?


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i'm surprised by all the negative reaction here. imho, this is a good-looking car. one that continues audi's tradition of subtle beauty, with a slightly more aggressive look than in the past. the LEDs seem like they are going to become a standard Audi trait, which should do for Audi what the "angel eyes" did for BMW, only more so (if you have ever seen an S6 coming towards you, you know what I mean). the interior is certainly a change, but the a4 interior had remained essentially the same since 2001, and now it looks more like the a5 and a6. keep in mind that this this is the base A4, not a S4 or RS4; this car would look great with flared fenders and a black eggcrate grile...