Attempted Murderer Attempts Escape In Semi, Fails Again

Vernon Jones had managed to elude a warrant for attempted murder for 15 years until his delivery route brought him back through Maryland. You can guess what happened next.

Jones pulled his truck into a weigh station for a commercial inspection and, knowing he was wanted, gave a fake Social Security number. Troopers quickly figured out what was going on and, rather than accepting his fate, Jones decided he'd some how escape in his tractor-trailer. Not so much. Though Maryland State Police deflated his tires with stop sticks Jones managed to make it all the way to the Virginia border before the inevitable crash and taseing.


[MSNBC, NBC Washington]

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Ash78, voting early and often

Vernon Jones had managed to allude a warrant for attempted murder for 15 years

You'd think they'd have arrested him by now, based on how he kept dropping hints in conversation over the past decade and a half.

Hope that truck is ensured!