Attempted Helicopter Landing At Irish Pub Ends Quite Poorly

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A helicopter smacked into the back of a pub in Longford, Ireland last night, and thanks to a passing teen (teens!) it was captured on cell phone video. No one was killed or seriously injured, so feel guilt-free as your butt clenches in anticipation waiting for it to happen.

Ciaran Doyle, the teen (teens!) who shot this video, told local broadcaster RTÉ that it was just hovering over the canal for a while:

It was hovering over the canal, and onto the banks of the canal, for about five minutes. We were watching it, and it started to come in close to the Rustic [Inn pub], and it started moving towards the back,” he explained.

It swung around, and hit off the back of the Rustic.

The minute I saw it, my hands started to shake, and I picked up the phone and called the emergency services.

It’s pretty much entirely unclear what the pilot was trying to do, landing a helicopter at a pub, seeing as how I don’t see any massive helipads just sort of hanging out there.


But the cops did just arrest him as they investigate the incident.

Probably because you’re not supposed to park helicopters at the pub.

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