Attack Of The Killer Lexus RX300!

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It came from a northern Ireland supermarket parking lot, it had a lust for Porsche Boxster and Toyota Celica blood, and it would not stop until it had crushed both into submission: It was the killer Lexus RX300! Dun, Dun, DUUUUN!!!!! Local news reporters assumed it was the result of poor automatic transmission shifting skills, but those in the know won't be turning their backs on any RX300's any time soon... they're all out there, just waiting to crush your ride next.

Nobody seems to have been hurt here, but there are definitely some bruised egos. It's worth the trip over to the BBC website to check out the video, as it's rife with funny British words and pronunciations like "sa-LEE-ka," talk of bonnets, and amusing Irish accents. We're going to hell, we know. [BBC]

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Rob Emslie

Lexus - The Passionate Pursuit of Predation