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The Atlantic City Casino Reinvestment Development Authority has placed six charging stations in a new parking garage to show their committment to renewable energy. It's a prominent placement that lets the world know they mean business.


Good thing they placed it in a garage that has no overnight parking. Oh, and is prone to flooding.

Now, people who own electric cars are kind of like the motoring equivalent of gamblers. They're betting on new technology. They're also betting that the car will go the distance each time they drive it.


But they aren't usually betting their lives on it.

The National Fire Prevention Association, in a statement that even Captain Obvious would avoid, says that "a flood-prone area is a bad spot to put stations pumping out up to 240 volts of power." Really? Hmmm, we thought that would be fine.

Here's a tip Atlantic City: technology is great, and we're happy that you're committed to it. But maybe in the future do it where people can use it, not where you think people will see it.

Showboating doesn't get you anywhere. Well, unless you're gambling at the Showboat.


(Hat Tip to John!)

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