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Since Nissan debuted the Titan pickup in 2003, it hasn't really changed too much about its full-size rig. Why mess around with a good thing, right? But Nissan is ready to play catch-up, and said a redesign for the 10-year-old truck is in the works.


Slipping sales and a rash of redesigns from other full-size truck makers have lit the fire under the company's U.S.-focused rear end. When Nissan introduced the truck a decade ago, it sold 100,000 of them. Last year, that number was down to less than 22,000.

There's no word about what the new truck will look like or what features it will include, but going by what's hot on other models, it's likely to have a dash-mounted touchscreen, an array of fuel saving gadgets, and a massive grille. Those items, along with a leather seat offering, seem to have become the standard for America's large pickup market.


Ram debuted its redesigned full-size pickup line last year to general acclaim, and you'll remember that the new Ram was supposed to be the new Titan, but the Carpocalypse resulted in Fiat purchasing Chrysler which resulted in the Nissan-to-Chrysler carswap getting cancelled. Ford and GM are poised to do the same this year, and Toyota's new Tundra will premier this week at the Chicago Auto Show. Not to be outdone, Nissan has vowed that it will unveil a redesigned 2015 Titan sometime next year. Stay tuned. 

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