Aston Martin's Vanquish Is No More

Today is a sad day for Aston Martin fans. You can say what you will about the Vanquish never living up to its full ubercar potential (the engine was never powerful enough, the gearbox competed with Maserati's duo-select for the right to the title of "World's Worst") and the air vents were from a Taurus. Regardless, the Vanquish is the last car ever to be built at ye olde Newport Pagnell plant, where the tools of choice are still hammers and cigarettes. Newport Pagnell is where James Bond's Goldfinger DB4 was built. Same goes for our Fantasy Garage favorite, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Oscar India. And who could forget the Lagonda, which was also built there? As for the Vanquish itself, we've always found it astonishingly beautiful yet muscular, like a Greek statue. Or Ronnie Coleman. And we don't care what anyone says, the Vanquish is way better looking than the DB9. Plus, before you die you really need to hear AM CEO Dr Ulrich Bez pronounce "Vanquish." I mean pronounce, "Wang-kesh." Tee hee. Anyhow, we'll be pouring out a 40oz. of Earl Gray for our V12 homie. [Motor Authority]


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