Aston Martin Rapide, Now With Glass Roof, Still With Four Doors

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We've already seen the four-door Aston Martin Rapide sitting pretty almost completely sans camouflage. This time we've caught the Aston Martin that Ford didn't want to build in a similarly disrobed state as it kicked off some hot-lapping of the infamous Nürburgring. These shots do show off one heretofore unknown option — a glass roof that sweeps from the windshield to the rooftop brakelight. We're just wondering if perhaps 007 will end up with one of these family-hauling Aston Martins in a new movie. Because oh yeah, Bond would just love getting this as his new sled, won't he? He'll be able to tell all the other secret agents, "Look, it's got a roof just like a truck-axled 'merican muscle car!" Full spy report from the folks at KGP below the jump.


Aston Martin's Rapide four-door has come off the frozen lakes of Northern Sweden, and is now hot-lapping the Nürburgring. This appears to be a very similar prototype caught during cold-weather tests, but our latest shots reveal a new glass roof that was unknown until today. The glass roof sweeps from windshield to backlight almost seamlessly, adding even more sleekness and sex appeal to this ultra- luxurious sedan.


Rob Emslie

@Stoatmaster: The Rapide is gonna' make the Panamerica look like granny panties.