Aston Martin DBS Goes Volante!

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The spy shooters at KGP look like they've caught a former secret agent man going topless in Sweden. That's right, it's the new Aston Martin DBS — but wait, what's this, since when has there been a convertible version — a Volante? Apparently the DBS thinks it's been retired as Bond's car, spending it's time getting a little bit of rest, relaxation and possibly some skiing in with a new drop-top model. Apparently someone hasn't been reading the press releases and doesn't know they've got to get back to the set soon. Or maybe it's because the new owners of the car company all about Bond girls need to get something new out while they try to figure out what they'll be doing about that whole not-having-a-new-platform issue they've got going on. Full spy report from KGP after the jump. UPDATE: KGP got us a new daylight shot so you can check out all of the drop-top hotness by dawn's early sunlight — the shot's in the gallery below.

It now appears that James Bond can now go topless in his DBS. We caught this lovely Aston Martin DBS convertible prototype chilling in the most inhospitable of top-down conditions—winter testing in the Arctic Circle. The DBS' aggressive body kit is in full effect, but its new soft-top roof line is unmistakable, even with a thin layer of snow accumulating on the canvas roof. The DBS convertible's new profile looks striking, as the more upright backlight emphasizes the flat rear deck gives the new drop-top some truly exotic panache. A DBS convertible makes perfect sense, but its appearance on the test circuit is one of those out-of-the-blue surprises that should warm an enthusiast's heart. We know it made the subzero night much more bearable for our shivering shooter.


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I take it they won't be fooling around with a folding hardtop.