Aston Martin DB9S Package From Project Kahn

All you would-be Bonds and Moneypennys, take heed. You say you've got an Aston Martin DB9, but you really want a DBS? Don't wait to be fleeced by unscrupulous brokers. Call the UK's Project Kahn. The designer of all manner of accessorization for Astons, Land Rovers, Jags and others of the luxo-baller persuasion has created a kit that turns a DB9 into a DBS, at least visually. It comes with two front and two rear valance pieces, side skirts and rear boot lip spoiler, over a set of 20" Kahn RSV alloy wheels — the same ones Aston Martin used on the DBS prototype. We're never in favor of fakery, but in this case we'll make a qualified exception based on Kahn's track record. To those building such a kit for old 280Zs, we say stop now.


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