Aston Martin Bringing Lola B08/60 LMP1 To Le Mans

Nationalistic British race fans rejoice! Aston Martin will be entering into the top class at Le Mans, going head to head with the dominant Audi R10s. The decision to run in the class was made after new rule changes gave an advantage to production-based engines. The 6.0L V12 is the same engine used in the GT1 class DBR9. It's a reliable powerplant, but the engine may have a weight disadvantage compared to some of the purpose-built motors in other cars. The Aston heart will be transplanted into the Lola B08 chassis, an all new car that promises even greater performance than the current open-top Lola B07. While it doesn't exactly have the brand's trademark styling, we don't think any fans of the British marque will complain about seeing an Aston back in the top tier of motorsports.



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