After doing a little research on the GMC V6 in today's DOTS car (and recalling a reference to the Twin Six by commenter Paul_Y a while back), I find it necessary to pay homage to the mighty GMC Twin-Six engine. It wasn't two GMC V6s joined together- it had a unique block and crank, with four V6 cylinder heads bolted on. We're a little puzzled about why you'd use a gigantic gasoline engine for applications so obviously suited for a diesel, but who the hell cares? Look at this thing! Jump like a Twin-Six-equipped Suburban cresting a hill for more info...


The Air Force used the Twin Six in the trucks used to haul Minuteman ICBMs. So anyone who thinks he's a badass because he has a firearms arsenal in his SUV can go ahead and feel inadequate next to a MIRVed-megaton-packin' Twin Six machine!


And the Twin Six didn't just power grimy old industrial stuff like trucks and water pumps; it's the powerplant for the beautiful Blastolene B-702. See, just add a little chrome and twelve straight pipes and you've got a real looker in the Twin Six. [6066 GMC Guy]

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