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Ask Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team Principal Martin Whitmarsh Anything You Want

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've finished qualifying here at the Austin F1 race and the McLaren team managed a second position with Lewis Hamilton just barely behind Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button further down after a technical problem during qualifying kept him out of the top ten.

The man behind the team, McLaren Racing CEO Martin Whitmarsh, has joined Jalopnik deep within McLaren hospitality headquarters to answer your questions about the track, the team, and whatever else might enter your mind in what I've been told is his first live chat ever.


Ask the questions now, he'll be on in a few minutes to answer a few of them.

McLaren are the kind of car people we all hope we'll have math grades to become. People who put their brisket through a wind tunnel six times before they eat it to test sauce densities. At the head of their company is Martin Whitmarsh, the ultimate engineered.


He started out in the aerospace industry but perhaps that was too slow for him so he switched to McLaren in 1989 for design operations and then moved to become the managing director of McLaren Racing in 1997. In his time with McLaren F1 the team has experienced a good deal of success, picking up six wins in 2011 and a second position in the constructors' championship.

This year they've run up five wins this year and they're looking for their sixth. So go ahead, pick his brain. He'll be on for 30 minutes to answer your best questions.

UPDATE: Special thanks to Martin for stopping in to chat. He took a Jalopnik sticker for his Mehari. Thanks to everyone for the questions. Any spelling errors were because I was typing.