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Cadillac was stodgy and staid for decades. But now, it is a brand on a mission to be modern and relevant. The new CTS, ATS, and Escalade are aggressive and uniquely American designs. Bob Boniface is the man responsible for Cadillac's design future, and now he's here to answer your questions.


Boniface moved to Cadillac in 2011 after he led the design of the Chevy Volt, which I think is one good looking car. He also previously worked at Chrysler, where he helped develop the now famous Stow-n-Go seats. One of his latest works is the gorgeous new CTS, so this is a man who can make attractive cars.

Have any questions about the future of Cadillac design? Bob is the man to talk to. And he's here for the next hour to answer yours. Get to it!

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