Ask Spyker Cars CEO Victor Muller Anything You Want

Victor Muller is the man behind such incredible cars as the beautiful Spyker C8, and the soulful B6 Venator. Seriously, he's the guy. He not only designed them himself, he's also the Spyker Cars CEO. And now he's here to answer your questions.


Of course, Victor's also dabbled with some other companies along the way.

Spyker was founded in the late 1990s after Victor found his Aston Martin DB7 to be a bit lacking in the interior department, full of plastic switches out of a parts bin. Spykers are a bit different, full of gleaming aluminum and bespoke everything. They'll stand out from a crowd already based on their looks alone, but to connoisseurs, that's the kind of thing that matters.

Victor will be here for the next hour or so to answer your questions. Got a question about Spyker? Go ahead and ask him!

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