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When you hear the name “Skip Barber,” you think of a legend. You think of a racing school. You think of a man who went to Harvard and then won three SCCA national championships in a row. But now, you can get to know him even better, as he’s here now to answer all of your burning questions.

It’s not so often you get to sit down with the coach behind such famous racing names as Juan Pablo Montoya, Patrick Dempsey, and Danica Patrick. His school has even been the one of choice for non-racing greats, like Jerry Seinfeld and Tom Cruise.


Oh, and he’s also the president and owner of Lime Rock Park, where I had my first real track experience.

And while he’s here, I hope he may even teach me a thing or two, even if just by osmosis.

But why don’t we let him teach of all of us some things? Ask him anything you want!

UPDATE 1:26 PM: Skip had to run, but check the comments for all his answers. Thanks so much Skip for joining us!


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