Ask Rally Ace And Gymkhana Star Ken Block Anything You Want

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Who has the best job in the world? If you guessed Ken Block, a man who travels the world racing and drifting around things, you'd be correct. Ken is getting ready for the X Games right now, but is around to answer your questions for the next hour. Have at it!


If you don't know Kensington W. Blockenfeld, you should. This is the man who makes those Gymkhana videos you can't stop watching. He runs in Global Rallycross and has run in the World Rally Championship. In fact, he's coming to us straight from a victory at the New England Forest Rally last weekend.


Now he's getting set for the X Games in Los Angeles, which will feature Gymkhana as an event for the first time. Expect Ken to do well in it. Very well.

But for now, he's here to chat with you, the people. Ask away!

UPDATE: Kensworth Blockenfeller had to go back to practice, but we're ever grateful he was able to answer so many of your questions. He may come back later to answer more if he has time. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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Raphael Orlove

Hi Ken, first off, congrats on the win at NEFR! Here's my question:

You're in the wilds of Iceland. You look behind you, and a gigantic volcano suddenly burst, sending plumes of lava a thousand feet into the air. You quickly look around you and you see a Formula Offroad Nitrous-equipped Jeep, a military-grade hovercraft, and Björk, who has revealed her true form as a harpy. She has wings, and you could conceivably grab hold of her shoulders, flying to safety, but she doesn't seem happy about giving anyone a ride. She also has claws.

You clearly need to flee, because now the entire island of Iceland is collapsing. Do you:

  • take the Formula Offroad Jeep, hoping to use its high power to drive across the ocean to the safety of mainland Europe?
  • take the hovercraft, which is slower than the Jeep, but more likely to survive the ocean journey?
  • take your chances with flying Björk?