Ask Legendary Car Customizer Chip Foose Anything You Want

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Chip Foose is a legend in the world of car customizing. His work is some of the most renowned and celebrated around, and now he's here to answer your questions. Have at it!

Along with his customization work, Chip does a lot on Overhaulin', his show on Velocity where he helps restore cars for deserving owners.

You've seen his cars for years, like the Hemisfear, which is one of the most glorious modern hot rods out there. Chip was the lead for Boyd Coddington's hot rods for years and founded his own company, Foose Design, in 1998. His clean designs are instantly iconic and some of my favorite hot rods.


Chip is around for the next hour. Ask him anything you want and catch the next season of Overhaulin' on Velocity starting October 1st.

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Patrick George

Thanks for joining us, Chip. Have you made any headway with the Super Replicas guys who said they were your business partners? Looks like their videos are still up.