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Pardon the intrusion, but this is Jalopnik's buddy Ken, vaguely dramatized by one of the site's talented editors [Nice touch - ed]. I have a dilemma. I'm looking at buying a new car, and the '06/'07 Toyota RAV4 is on my list. However, every RAV4 I see is driven by a woman. Is the RAV4 unoficially considered a "chick car," like the VW Cabrio, or Pontiac Sunfire? I've done a little research and found Toyota aggressively marketed the 2004 RAV4s to women and that 75% of RAV4 drivers are women. However, the newer model is larger, has more aggresive styling, and comes with an optional 269-hp engine. Has the RAV4 moved beyond "cute ute" status?

Thanks in advance,

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