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Ask Jaguar Chief Designer Ian Callum Anything You Want

Illustration for article titled Ask Jaguar Chief Designer Ian Callum Anything You Want

Ian Callum is one of the driving forces behind the resurgence and renaissance of the Jaguar brand. From the XJ to the F-Type roadster to the amazing new F-Type coupe, Ian is the man. And now he's here to answer all your design questions.


For those of you that don't remember, Ian has had a long and storied career around these here automotive parts. Here's a reminder from the last time he stopped by to chat with you folks.


He started at Ford in the '70s, where he worked on everything from Fiestas to Escort Cosworths. He was then wooed by race team owner Tom Walkinshaw to create TWR Design. It was while he was here that he worked on the Aston Martin DB7 and Vanquish, among others.

Then he went to Jaguar, where he shook off the stodginess and brought the brand clearly into the 21st century. And now the brand is back to its routes with the F-Type and is looking to expand with a future crossover based on the C-X17 concept.

Ian is around for the next hour to answer your questions. Fire away!

UPDATE: Ian had to run, but thanks for the questions!

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Jason Torchinsky

Hello, Ian! Big fan. So, why did you tell your wonderful designer Wayne to not give feedback on my inane ideas? He was great at it, and everyone loved it!

Unless you wanted the job. If so, I understand, and have some sketches to send you.