It's time for another addition of Jalopnik Live, where we bring today's newsmakers into Kinja to answer your questions. Today we've got a double dose of hoon with both racer Ken Block and Gymkhana 5 producer/Segway Dude Brian Scotto answering your questions about WRC, Gymkhana, Hooning, 0-60 Mag, Global RallyCross, and fashionable eyewear.

Does Ken Block need an introduction? Our Ken Block tagpage is lengthy and full of win. He's answered your questions before. But in case you didn't know he is the man behind all those Gymkhana videos the kids love so much. He races in Global RallyCross and, even more impressively, he's one of only a small handful of Americans ever to score points in the World Rally Championship. He is the living embodiment of hoon.

And directly to his right is Brian Scotto. He probably needs an introduction, which is unfortunate because he's a big reason why we are all the way we are. He's most recognizable as the Segway Dude who Ken drifts around in for the first Gymkhana.


More importantly, Scotto was the founder/editor of 0-60 Magazine, which is the closest a magazine ever got to being like Jalopnik. You know why everyone knows the word "hoon" these days? Scotto and our own Davey Johnson brought it over. He's the creative director of GYM5, Hooingan brand director, and Block's right hand Segway Dude. He also drives a RWB Porsche 911.


We have tons of questions so we're glad the two of them have decided to take a break from all the hookers and blow they must be doing to celebrate a trillion views of GYM5 to talk with us for an hour.

Fire away.

UPDATE: Big props to Ken Block and Brian Scotto for answering so many questions. We had nearly 1,000 interactions in the first hour (a new record I think). Everyone's favorite hoons now have to go figure out how to race a Fiesta on the moon.