Ashley Force Wins Funny Car Race, Seriously

After Danica Patrick won her first Indy race, there was a lot of noise from talking heads, with serial bloviators like Pedro de la Rosa and Gregg Doyel weighing in on the topic of women in motorsport. So, to shut up all the skeptics, Ashley Force won at yesterday's NHRA Southern Nationals to become the first female driver to win a national Funny Car event. The victory came against her dad, the legendary John Force, denying him of what would have been his 1000th career win. Her final 1/4-mile run was 4.837 seconds at 320.36 MPH— lets see you macho guys do that without needing to change your underwear.

"I'm just happy to win an event. That was the main thing," Ashley said. "Being a female, that's exciting as far as the records and everything, but my team, we just wanted to get our first win. We went a whole year last year and got close a few times. To finally get it done, we're just so excited."

[via ESPN]

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Jeff Glucker

@Al Navarro: Well my mind is clouded this monday morning-afternoon-whatever...

I am sure Danica is attractive in person. I don't really think she is a vicious troll-like creature that Tory Reding, played by Jenifer Aniston, let out of a crate by accident...

Also, I am 100% sure she could drive circles around me.

However... Ashley is better looking, in my opinion