Ascari Launches New Supercar

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Ascari, the buy-a-car-get-test-track-free supercar builder of the UK and Spain, is launching the follow-up to its KZ1. Built to be an everyday driver (yeah, and a unicorn just stirred my coffee with his horn), the 2,822lb A10, will get a 600hp, five-liter quad-cam V8 sourced from BMW, hooked to a six speed manual or optional sequential gearbox, that will propel it to around 220mph. (The five-piece body is made, naturally, of carbon fiber.) Just like with the KZ1, buyers — who will pay in the realm of $600,000 for the A10 when it's launched in mid-2006 — will likely get access to a company's dedicated circuit and five-star resort in Ronda, Spain. Mmmm, tapas.



Test Track Included: The Ascari KZ1 [internal]

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