There was so much to love about this summer’s latest Edgar Wright jam, Baby Driver. The stunts! The amazing soundtrack! Kevin Spacey being a weirdo! The charming Baby Driver and his nice girlfriend! But there’s one way to make it better, because it makes everything better: Eurobeat.

I stumbled onto this video while searching for a Traffic Jam this morning and I had to share it with you. It’s the fantastic chase from the opening part of the movie in the red Subaru WRX—probably the movie’s best stunt scene—but instead of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the backing track is “DEJA VU” from one of the Initial D episodes or movies.


And it’s perfect. Watch:

I’m telling you: Eurbobeat makes everything better, whether you’re on an early morning tofu run or being chased by the cops in Atlanta.

Can someone make more of these? I feel like there’s real untapped potential here.

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