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As the Alfa Romeo 4C finally nears its U.S. launch, with dealers falling into place, future plans for the brand's other cars are getting even more ambitious. Now, Fiat Chrysler head Sergio Marchionne reportedly wants Alfa Romeo to stand on its own.

Sources for Automotive News Europe say as Marchionne announces Alfa's latest revival plan May 6 in Auburn Hills, a plan to have the longtime Fiat subsidiary as a separate entity within Fiat Chrysler. That reportedly also includes making public a profit and loss statement.


Along with this news, expect next week's announcement to confirm persistent rumors that Alfa will switch to a rear-wheel drive lineup beginning in 2016, abandoning the current front-wheel drive hatchbacks. That includes a BMW 3-series rival, a 5-series competitor, two crossovers, a coupe and a roadster. Auto News says they will all be built in Italian plants, so that Italian-badged 2016 Miata is really unlikely to be called an Alfa Spider now.

For now, Alfa's only U.S.-bound car is the 4C. And according to the 4C Forums, four dealers are already lined up and they're all Fiat outlets. It's good news for people selling Fiats, and goes against the earlier claims it would be mostly Maserati points dealing with the 4C.

Making Alfa into a standalone entity supposedly makes it into a more credible rival for BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar Land Rover, and look less like another brand within Fiat Chrysler. But with all the heartache Fiat has endured with Alfa, could this be the move that allows them to cast Alfa Romeo off if this revival plan fails?

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