As Hurricane Sandy Makes Landfall How Does It Look Outside Where You Are?

Today has been all about Hurricane Sandy for pretty much the entire East Coast.

I've gotten out a few times to survey the scene, and just got back from the waterfront somewhat near my house. Conditions outside have deteriorated, and only seem to be getting worse.


The wind has picked up and rain is more intense. The Hudson's water level has receded slightly, but the wind and waves have picked up. High tide is coming in tonight, so it should get considerably worse on the waterfront. A curfew has been imposed for people nearby from 6PM until 1PM tomorrow.

I have a tree down on my block, roads are deserted, and I found one open bar, and then the cops drove by and told us to go home. How does the storm look for you? Share your pics in Kinja below... and be sure to stay safe.


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