Airbrushing The Aurora Borealis On A Plane Is Mesmerizingly Beautiful

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Airline livery is generally more design than art, but Icelandair sought to change that, commissioning artists to recreate one of the most stunning natural visuals in the world on its Boeing 757.


This amazing behind-the-scenes time-lapse of the artists at work details the extraordinary amount of effort and talent involved in creating such an artistic display on a massive canvas that doubles as mass transportation. The short video reveals the entire process starting with stripping the old paint, design logistics, airbrush artists, all the way to installing a beautiful LED mood lighting system displaying the stunning Northern Lights throughout the main cabin.

The unique and extensive new livery is part of a marketing campaign by Icelandair to encourage travelers en route to Europe from America to stay over in Iceland, with no additional cost in airfare. The 757, affectionately named Hekla Aurora will be making a few stops in the United States. Check out the schedule to find a location near you.

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I get to work with this plane (and all of the Icelandair 757s) quite frequently and I can honestly say it's beyond breathtaking to see it up close and in person. Without a doubt the most beautiful paint job on a plane today.