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We're waiting for the Rob Halford tribute art car, covered in studs with an oversided leather-daddy cap mounted on the roof and windshield-sized aviator shades. And of course, it would need a really big, pink-hi-temp-coated turbocharger. But while we're waiting, Nebraskans are acting on other fronts, presenting a nine-day art car tour along historic Nebraska Route 6, the state's first highway. The event runs from the 19th of this month through the 27th.

It's actually pretty genius, doing this thing in Nebraska, given that a lot of art cars we've seen have questionable powertrains. This way they won't have to climb any hills. We wanna see Nebraska's neighbors to the west found the Pikes Peak art-car hillclimb, which would really seperate the men from the boys. And then Halford could take his choice.


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