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Armless Chinese Man Arrested For Driving With Feet

Illustration for article titled Armless Chinese Man Arrested For Driving With Feet

Zing Shen, 42, a citizen of the People's Republic of China, lost his arms in an industrial accident. But that didn't stop him from driving. It was the police who did that. Authorities arrested the man, who is missing both arms below the elbows, when they spotted him driving his automatic transmission equipped car with his feet. If Zing lived in a less authoritarian country, we'd encourage him to demand the police show him where the law against that is, but considering he'd probably get his feet chopped off for insolence, he's probably better off welcoming his fate with open arms. Err, legs. [AttuWorld]


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Rob Emslie

Chief Wiggum: Your days behind the wheel are OVER footsie. Go on, cuff-'im boys.

Lou: Uh, Chief, we can't cuff him, he has no arms.

Chief Wiggum: What is it with you Lou? You're always trying to rain on my parade.