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Ariel Atom 3: Better for the Elbows

Illustration for article titled Ariel Atom 3: Better for the Elbows

Everyone's favorite track-day toy and face rearranger, the Ariel Atom, is getting a slight makeover. There's more space inside, and new body panels and wind deflector outside — just the thing for preserving the eardrums during extended sprints through the countryside. It's powered by a 245-hp version of Honda's 2.0-liter VTEC, with a new ECU, drive-by-wire throttle setup, fuel system and dual exhaust system. Inside, there's 100 mm of extra elbow space, achieved by adjusting the angle of the chassis' aluminum cross beams, and buyers will get the option of more buttspace by way of larger seats. Other tech improvements include more precise gearchanges and optional 10-way adjustable dampers. [Autocar]


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I've got one of the LSJ Ecotecs, I wouldn't give it up for a Honda engine personally. What it lacks in revs it more than makes up for in torque and it's damn tractable. The jury isn't out yet but it appears to be bulletproof and hoonworthy. 20K so far and it just keeps getting better.