Argentine racer Guido Falaschi's deadly crash (Warning: Video)

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Argentine race car driver Guido Falaschi was killed yesterday on the last lap of the Turismo Carretera Series race at the Juan Miguel Fangio track in Argentina. The 22-year-old collided with a lapped car, hit the wall and was t-boned by another vehicle.


Falaschi was driving a Ford Falcon in the popular touring car series, fighting for the lead, when a slower car in front of him lost control. As you can see in the video, he hit the tire wall, collided with another car and carried onto the track, and is then slammed into by another car.

Doctors attempted to resuscitate the driver for 40 minutes but were unsuccessful. The injuries, primarily to the driver's abdomen, were too great.


The race ended on the red flag.

Like many other young drivers, Falaschi got his start in karting and won numerous championships. He went on to race Formula Renault Argentina before debuting in the Top Race and Turismo Carretera series.

Nestor Girolami, the driver who crashed into Falaschi, is in critical but stable condition.

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Photo Credit: Dia Adia

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burglar can't heart click anything

So how long before there is a race official actuated power cut mandatory in all race cars, like the local go kart track?