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Are You The Nutjob Who Will Buy This $100,000 Monte Carlo?

Illustration for article titled Are You The Nutjob Who Will Buy This $100,000 Monte Carlo?

There is only one kind of buyer that would drop a million dollars on a rough looking Monte Carlo that was in a Fast and Furious movie. It would have to be some insanely rich dude who is amassing a garage of F&F movie cars and would pay any price to complete his collection. Do any of you know this person?


This car was made by famous Hollywood car dude, Dennis McCarthy for Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, which was clearly the pinnacle of the franchise.


As to the justification for seven-figure price tag, the seller seems to think that a Monte Carlo that had little to no impact on the plot of the film (such as it was) is on the same collectible level as the Eleanor Mustang from Gone In 60 Seconds.

*Keep in mind universal pictures are not releasing any more cars to the public. “THE LAST OF ITS BREAD”

It’s the last of it’s bread, people... you better start bidding.

Update: Late last week this car was listed at $1 million, but now the seller’s reduced it to a slightly more realistic (maybe?) $100,000. Um, nice price?


(H/T to TrevorF)

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I think you’re seeing too many zeroes in that price. At $100,000 still CP tho.