Are You The EcoBoost Ford Mustang?

Will Ford call this turbocharged and likely EcoBoost-powered Mustang the Mustang SVO?


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I don't really see a place for a turbo-charged V6 in the Mustang lineup. The 5.0 already makes 400+ HP and I don't think the EcoBoost offers any major advantages over it - it's not likely to be that much lighter or offer a significant gas mileage advantage over the Coyote and would probably be more expensive.

What the Mustang really needs is a entry-level motor to slot under the 300HP V6 - in my mind it'd be of the naturally aspirated 4 cylinder variety to keep weight and displacement down enough to where there might actually be a improvement in city MPG over the V6 & V8 and to keep it cheaper to buy and easy to maintain. Ideally, power would be in the 175~200 HP range but I'm not sure Ford has anything that would fit the bill right now that's not EcoBoosted.