Are You The 2015 Lexus RC F?

We've known for a while now that the coupe version of the new Lexus IS will be called the Lexus RC. Now Japanese magazine Best Car has published what could be the hopped-up F version of that coupe. Is this it?


It's hard to tell from these photos. They could very well be renders or Photoshops, so take them with a grain of wasabi until the actual car supposedly debuts at the Tokyo Auto Show in November. But it does look very much like a coupe version of the new IS, and it has the quad tailpipes the old IS F was famous for. Those fender flares are pretty sweet, too.

I was quite impressed when I drove the 2014 Lexus IS 350 F Sport, and the last IS F was a real hellraiser. Both lead me to think the RC F could be a first-rate M4 fighter. GT Spirit claims the car will have a 5.0-liter V8 with 455 horsepower.

Sounds like fun to me. More hot rod Lexuses and Toyotas, please.

Photo credit Best Car

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