Are You A Mechanic With A Wild Repair Story? Let's Talk!

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Photo: David Tracy

We truly believe there are some stories out there that are begging to be told from behind closed shop doors. Some of those “I have seen it all” kinds of stories. What darkness have you seen?


We’re looking to talk to anybody who works in a repair shop and has seen a car beyond fixing or any atrocious mistreatment of a car for our new video series here on Jalopnik. We want to talk to you.

Here is the deal: Email me and tell me a short summary of what you saw, and some pictures, or better yet, videos, if you have them. Ideally, then we can progress to a Zoom call where you tell us about the horrors, or the hilarity, and then we use the interview for a video with the pictures. If you aren’t comfortable being on camera, don’t worry, we can work out the details.

Then, at the end, we get to feature your story as a video on Jalopnik. Yes, fame and fortune will follow. So what are you waiting for? Email me: and let’s get this party started.



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