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Arden, a longtime Jaguar tuning and motorsports firm, is launching a worked-over version of the Range Rover Sport, which will produce 480hp and 472 lbs/ft of torque. The company is employing its signature method of supercharging a stock engine to within an inch of its life, which it's been endevoring to perfect since the 1970s. In the RR Sport's case, a heavy bugger at any price, the shop used a similarly supercharged setup as in its Jaguars to achieve zero-to-60 times in the neighborhood of six seconds, up to an electronic nanny-inforced 155mph. A raft of suspension, interior and cosmetics tweaks round out its Sport, which will cost around $182,000. That makes its dollar-to-horsepower ratio around 380:1, a bargain only if you're from the $2000-pair-of-boots school.

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