Arcimoto Pulse EV For Geeks In The Northwest

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EV startup Arcimoto has just unveiled their Pulse three-wheeled, tandem two-passenger electric car. It runs on lead-acid batteries charging on 110V in 6-8 hours and delivers a range of 50-100 miles. The extra helping of enviro-nerdiness comes standard.


The new EV entry is planned for production in Eugene, Oregon and delivery start in late 2010 (which is when everybody is pegging their EV/super green car deliveries) with a planned list price under $20,000. That price is remarkably lower than most announced EV offerings mainly because the company is using tried and true lead-acid batteries rather than a more exotic chemistry with hefty development costs. Motivation comes from a DC motor able to deliver 80 lb-ft of torque with a top speed of 55 MPH. The companies website just went live with all the details you might be interested in, should you be looking for a way to get from your sustainable organic hemp and algae farm to your reclaimed Portland warehouse condo and art gallery. [Arcimoto]

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VeeArrrSix now powered by FA20F

That looks like the bastard child of a Yaris and a Reliant Robin.

55 MPH top speed would relegate them local roads only, so no highway ridin?