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Arash AF10 Details, Images Released

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We reported earlier this year the product of snubbed would-be Enzo buyer Arash Farboud, the Arash AF10, was getting closer to production. Now we have details and what looks like photos of a working prototype. Powered by GM's 505 HP 7.0-liter LS7 found in the Z06, the "Enzo-killer" should hit a 3.4 second 0-to-60 time (within a tenth of the Enzo) with a top speed of 204 MPH. All of this comes at a price of just $300,000 (w/VAT) for one of the 25 cars annually produced, a few of which, we're told, are destined for the US. The company also announced plans for an FXX-fighting AF10-S version with a planned 850 HP, proving that hell hath no fury like a wealthy car-collector scorned. Details below the jump.

Specifications # Price: £172,000. Inclusive of VAT. # Full carbon body. # Carbon and steel chassis. # V8 7-liter GM Engine. Titanium Conrods, dry sump with cooling. # 550bhp at 6000rpm. # 6 speed manual Grazianno transmission. # 19 inch wheel standard 21 inch as per picture option. # Supercharged version to be released at later date with 850bhp (AF10-S). # Full leather interior. # Lift up dihedral doors. # Full warranty and roadside assistance. # Full lifetime body warranty. # 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds. # Top speed 204 mph # Active front and rear wings. # Standard sat nav, mp3 player, rear view camera fully integrated touchscreen # Wheel base 2690 mm


[Source: Global Motors]

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It's definitely awesome looking...I still consider the Enzo an excellent design that's hard to top, but this Arash is cleaner overall. And yet again, white is the new black. Can't wait to see the Stig put it through its courses sometime down the road.